Certified Virginic



The time has come for consumer products to be held to a higher standard. To many compromises are made for convenience or a longer shelf life, embracing unknown (to downright unhealthy) practices when producing products for consumers. The burden of producing healthy, responsible, sustainable, un-comprising, quality products falls to the manufacturer. Enough is enough, take control, send a clear message. Our products meet the highest standards. Natural products adhering to the very highest standards.

Using Virginic Certifications we can begin to alter customer perceptions of what is acceptable in cosmetics, consumables, and quality standards. Why wonder if a chemical, or paraben preservative has unhealthy side effects? Choose the option to stop compromising. Choose Virginic Certification.


Being certified Virginic allows you to display visibly that you adhere to the strictest standards, emphasizing health and purity above convenience. It is a standard that prefers a natural solution to the artificial or chemical solution with potentially unknown side effects. Virginic Certification lets your customer know immediately that your products have been tested to ensure their purity, so they know for certain that your products make no compromise at the cost of the environment or health.


Simply put, too many products and companies claim to be organic, eco friendly or healthy. However these claims seldom hold up under scrutiny. An example of this type of thinking are products and companies that use honey or beeswax. While these products are natural, healthy, & even very beneficial; it is folly to continue to use bee products in light of the fact that there are several species of bees on the endangered species list. Continuing to harvest raw materials from bee colonies in light of this information stands agains everything that responsible stewards of eco friendly policies and standards have tried to create.

Virginic Certification brings a universal standard that consumers can rely upon to alleviate fears about the truthfulness of claims made by individual companies by allowing companies to be certified for 16 different badges showing different levels of commitment and allowing for virtually any product type to go through the certification process.

Here are the specific certifications that can be earned:


The list is long and frustrating in how throughly that the meaning of “organic” and our supposed “organic champions” have been compromised. The single largest blow to organic certification came in the form of GMO labeling compromise with Whole Foods (an industry recognized organic movement champion), which allows (according to Huffington Post)¬†2/3 of whole foods product containing GMO’s to be labeled as “natural” rather than having to disclose their GMO content.Unfortunately this is just the beginning. Beyond this concession are deeper concerns with animal cruelty which organic standards do nothing to address minimum space requirements, nor do they curtail reprehensible practices such as debeaking, tail docking, ear notching etc… More damning is a study (according to John Robbins “No More Happy Cows”) which compared organic certified farms with conventional farms, found no discernible difference between the welfare of animals when comparing: lesions, lameness, lifespan, and mutilation among other characteristics.The sad truth is that Organic Certification despite all of its promise and potential has failed to protect consumers. In fact it wouldn’t be dishonest to say that they are now using a label that brings confidence to consumers that their money is backing more ethical practices to actually lower standards and reduce consumer awareness. Shame on them, and shame on the Organic champions like Whole Foods who sold out their consumers to please their shareholders. Rather than simply complain about it, we at Virginic have decided to raise our standards. You can too. Can you be proud of your ingredients, your sourcing, your ethics?¬†Become certified Virginic & lets use our labels to enlighten our customers rather than obscure items hidden within.